Mexico's politics, diverse landscapes, ancient history and existing culture have lured and influenced photographers since the advent of the medium. The twentieth century saw many internationally acclaimed photographers travel through Mexico and document the country from their unique perspectives. Their status, both as outsiders and as artists, gave them a distinctive view on this subject and allowed for a wide range of imagery to emerge in their work.

The Embassy of Mexico's Cultural Institute is thrilled to partner with Bank of America to present Luces y Sombras: Fourteen Travelers in Mexico. Open from November 9th through March 2nd, the exhibition finds at its core the twenty hand-pulled photogravures comprising Paul Strand's seminal 1933 Mexican Portfolio. Further explorations of Mexico come from renowned photographers Edward Weston, Wayne Miller, and Aaron Siskind, among others. The collection's diverse array of artists helps capture the sociopolitical realities, local architecture, and startling landscapes of 20th century Mexico through a patently American lens.

The accompanying exhibit Visions of Mexico: The Photography of Hugo Brehme presents 40 works from Hugo Brehme on loan from the Throckmorton Gallery in New York City. A German émigré and popular postcard photographer, Brehme is perhaps best known for his hand-colored vintage photographs, which capture a Mexico as vibrant as it is timeless. Brehme's 20th century Mexico provides thoughtful contrast for La Frontera, a work-in-progress by NYC-based photographer Stefan Falke that chronicles modern-day artists along the US-Mexico border.

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